Meet the Team

The Alma College Admissions staff is available to assist you throughout your college search process.
Reach us by phone at 1-800-321-2562.

Enrollment Leadership



Vickie Alleman

Vice President for Enrollment


Victor Finch

Associate Vice President Graduate Professional Enrollment
Office: (989) 463-7113


Shelly Buschle

Senior Director of Recruitment
Office: (989) 463-7298
Cell: (989) 330-2937


Courtney Hale

Director of Enrollment Management Systems and Operations
Office: (989) 463-7505


Ameer Alsabaa

Director of International Admissions
Office: (989) 463-7292
Cell: (989) 954-3333


Campus Visits and Events



Cristy Omans

Assistant Director of Campus Engagement and Events
Office: (989) 463-7271


Corey Alspaugh

Associate Director of Campus Engagement and Events
Office: (989) 463-7382


Admissions Counseling and Support



Amber Robinson

Associate Director for Graduate Recruitment


Lexi Francisco

Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Counseling
Office: (989) 463-7312
Cell: (989) 331-0638


Hank Wickley

Associate Director of Admissions
Office: (989) 463-7368
Cell: (989) 763-4556


Rachel Plasch

Regional Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Counseling
Office: (989) 463-7140
Cell: (989) 763-4060


Daniel Barr

Admissions Counselor
Office: (989) 463-7297
Cell: (989) 763-8459


Aynslee Koutz

Admissions Counselor
Office: (989) 463-7324


Sophia Romain

Admissions Counselor
Office: (989) 463-7365


Hanna Scott

Admissions Counselor
Office: (989) 463-7292
Cell: (989) 763-0536


Jake Sommers

Admissions Counselor
Office: (989) 463-7112
Cell: (616) 326-1663



Liney Figueroa

Transfer Admissions Representative
Office: (989) 463-7139


Enrollment Operations



Haley Novak

Admissions Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Office: (989) 463-7365 

If you know your admissions representative, look next to his or her photo for contact information. Transfer students and active/veteran military members should contact the admissions office. Representatives for incoming freshmen are assigned by county/state.

Find the admissions counselor representing your area below.

Admissions Territory Map

All Alma College admissions staff are required to comply with NACAC’s Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admissions.