College Policies and Disclosures

Alma College complies with federal, state and local law regarding disclosure of policies and institutional data. If you have questions not addressed in the list below, please call (989) 463-7111.

Academic Information

Academic Catalog


DEXA System Policy

Records Management and Retention Policy

Records Management and Retention Schedule

SARA Student Complaint Process

Transfer of Credit Policies


Athletic Information

Intercollegiate Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data

Transgender and Non-Binary Policy


Civil Rights Policies

Accessible Housing

Chosen Name Policy

Civil Rights: Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

Diversity Education

Anti-Hazing Policy

Web Accessibility Policy


Financial Services

Financial Obligation Policy


Privacy, Media and Communication Policies

Acceptable Use Policy

Code of Financial Ethics

Computer Lifecycle Policy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Information Security Awareness Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Mass Email Policy

Media Use Policy

Online Privacy Policy

Social Media Policy

Password Policy


Research Policies

IRB Policies and Procedures

Qualtrics Policy


Safety and Security

Activities Involving Minors Policy

Alcohol Policy

Animals on Campus Policy

Campus Demonstrations Policy

Clery Campus Crime Statistics

College Related Travel Policy

Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy

Emergency Information and Guidelines

Firearms & Weapons Policy

Marijuana Policy

Michigan Sex Offender Registry

Sales of Food and Merchandise on Campus Policy

Security Video Policy

Student Handbook

Tobacco Policy

Vehicle and Driver Safety Policy

Volunteer Policy

Use of Public and Outdoor Spaces Policy


Student Affairs

Student Complaint Policy


Staff Whistleblower Information

Campus Conduct Hotline