Alma College Programs Building a Diplomatic Bridge to India

The Model United Nations (MUN) program at Alma College, working in conjunction with AccessMCA — an enterprise affiliated with the nonprofit Michigan Colleges Alliance — is acting as a diplomatic bridge to

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Alma College Model UN Wins Three ‘Outstanding’ Awards at National Competition

ALMA — The Alma College Model United Nations team followed up on an impressive performance at its regional championship in February with a stellar outing at the national competition. The

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What the Alma College Model UN Program Has Done for Me

Editor’s note: Aditya Shankar is a junior at Alma College from Noida, Utter Pradesh, India. He wrote this blog about his experiences participating with Alma College’s “powerhouse” Model United Nations

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Model UN, BPA Win Big at Regional Competitions

ALMA — A pair of Alma College student organizations excelled recently at regional competitions, positioning themselves well to win at larger events. The Alma College Model United Nations (MUN) team

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Alma Professor Hulme Set to Mark 50 Years of Consecutive Days Running

ALMA — A lot has changed since March 5, 1973, but at least one thing has remained constant: Derick “Sandy” Hulme has run a mile every day in that time

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