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Build the core critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills you need to succeed as a leader – and never stop evolving. As a business major at Alma College, you’ll take

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The first step toward your legal career. While there is no set “pre-law” curriculum required to be admitted to law school, there are qualities that will set you apart. Through

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Actuarial Science

Use mathematics and statistics to solve real world problems. Actuarial science uses mathematics, finance, accounting, and economics to manage risk in a fast-changing world. As an actuarial science major, you

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Electrical Engineering

Develop innovative approaches to the world as we know it. Our electrical engineering program is for the wonderers. For those who learn best by doing. And those that are driven

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Computer Engineering

Make sense of the technology that drives us. Then, make it better. Our computer engineering program gives you the tools to successfully solve problems head on with advanced knowledge in

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Prepare to apply for veterinary school while also exploring and learning widely. Your Alma education will prepare you to continue your path towards a career that focuses on your particular

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Become a medication expert.   Pharmacists practice a mix of healthcare, direct patient contact, science, technology and health informatics, and business. As a pre-pharmacy student, you will:  Take courses in a

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Financial Economics

Invest in your future. Pave the way for a fulfilling career in an exciting and demanding field. Understand how financial markets work and how they are regulated. Cultivate the tools

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Pre-Health Professions

Why Alma? Are you planning to become a physician, dentist or physical therapist? Alma College offers curriculums in these areas – and more – to help you prepare for graduate

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Use language to engage, inspire and share ideas. Writing is a powerful tool. It allows us to persuade, communicate and connect. As a writing minor at Alma, you will:   Explore

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