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Pre-Health Professions

Why Alma? Are you planning to become a physician, dentist or physical therapist? Alma College offers curriculums in these areas – and more – to help you prepare for graduate

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Use language to engage, inspire and share ideas. Writing is a powerful tool. It allows us to persuade, communicate and connect. As a writing minor at Alma, you will:   Explore

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Pre-Sports Medicine Concentration

Combine your love for sports with a passion for care. Sports medicine focuses on preventing, treating and rehabilitating injuries and illnesses in athletes. In our pre-sports medicine concentration — part

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Pre-Physician Assistant

Champion health. Change lives. A physician assistant works under the supervision of a medical doctor to evaluate patients, diagnose and treat illnesses and prescribe medication. In our pre-physician assistant program,

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Pre-Physical Therapy

Facilitate patient mobility, strength and function. Physical therapists work with those suffering from injuries and disease to restore movement, relieve pain and prevent or limit permanent physical damage. In our

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Learn to prevent, diagnose and manage visual conditions. Optometrists perform eye exams, prescribe corrective lenses and provide treatment for illnesses related to the visual system. In our pre-optometry track, you’ll: 

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Pre-Occupational Therapy

Empower active, meaningful participation in day-to-day life. Occupational therapists help patients with injuries, illnesses or disabilities to regain, improve and maintain the skills necessary for work and daily living. In

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Improve lives and enhance patient outcomes. As a pre-med student at Alma, you’ll follow a tailored curriculum designed to prepare you for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and medical school. Students in

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Lay the groundwork for a successful career in dentistry. Dentists diagnose, prevent and treat problems of the teeth, gums and jaw. As a pre-dentistry student, you’ll:  Select a major that

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Learn how and why people think, feel and act from a scientific perspective. As a psychology student, you’ll explore the relationship between the mind, brain and body. You’ll build a

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