As seniors at Alma College, we know: We have given a lot of ourselves to this place.

We’ve spent a lot of late nights studying when we could have been sleeping. We’ve consumed way too much caffeine in order to stay up for those late nights. We’ve devoted ourselves physically; in the weight room, on the court, on the field, and elsewhere. We’ve worked hard on our relationships in res halls, fraternities and sororities, student organizations and more.

We’ve earned those degrees we’re about to receive. That’s for sure.

But we know something else, too. This place has given us a lot.

We’ve had opportunities to meet new people, learn new things and go new places. We’ve expressed ourselves through performances, art and the written word. We’ve met mentors who will be with us for the rest of our lives.

We really appreciate that. And we’ll never forget it.

With that in mind, we asked members of the Class of 2024, “What one thing will you miss most about Alma College?” Here’s what they told us:

Student life

Abigail Zerbe

Greek life has been a huge part of my college experience!

Alivia Giles

The Almanian student newspaper.

Lily Brown

The friends I made through Chapel.

 Mackayla Pirie

I’m going to miss my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta.

 Jon Beerbower

My brothers in Delta Gamma Tau.

Maria Vostrizansky

I’m going to miss being a part of the Model UN team.

Danielle Ries

The Kiltie Marching Band and concert band. We’ve grown super-close.

 Isabelle Conn

The sisters in my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. They are some of the best family I’ve ever had.

Luc Lawson

My fraternity, Delta Gamma Tau.

Alexa Dekorte

The iGEM team.


Brooke Nysen

I’ll miss Dr. Yates and the entire education department.

Payne Pace

I’m going to miss Dr. Borrello.

Faron Grossman

Borrello. One word. Legend.

Autumn Rath

The English and philosophy departments: Dr. Selmon, Dr. Vivian, Dr. Chen, Dr. Dora-Laskey, Dr. von Wallmenich, Dr. Porter, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Harr … there are more that I’m forgetting …

Jailyn Gonzales

Dr. Borrello.

Vincent Johnson

I’m going to miss Clack and the sense of community it provides.

Hallie Weaver

My advisor, Dr. Blazek. She helped get me to where I am today.

Noah Janssen

I’m going to miss the IPHS faculty.

Abbey Short

My advisor, Dr. Gorton. He has left the college now, but he was wonderful when he was here.

Abigale Thorsen

The faculty in the psychology department.


Josiah Murphy


William Vernier

The wrestling team. 

Taylor Sas

Being with my teammates on women’s basketball.

Samantha Peterson

My teammates on lacrosse.

Joseph Gonzales

I’m going to miss competing on the track and field team.

Nolan Boffman

The weight room.

De’Quan Powell

The camaraderie of my friends and being on the basketball court.

Ella Lavey

The soccer and track teams.

Dalron Gray

I’m going to miss Coach Fletcher Roberts and the Sherman weight room.

Olivia Bunce

My lacrosse team — I’ve been playing for 12 years now.

Life at Alma

Charly Sommers

The community.

Cassie Mullings

The atmosphere and my friends.

Walker Michaels

Seeing my friends every day.

Brenna Smith

The small campus size and being close to everyone I know.

Kelli Harbin

The community.

Gene Huskey IV

Living on campus with my friends and being close with everyone.

Anthony Spears

Having my friends so close by.

Kennedy Mullen

My friends.

Jerome Roberson

The relationships on campus.

Elli Howard

The close-knit community.

Benji Schall

I’ll miss living in my small house with my close friends.

Madison Carter

My friends.

Caleb Schuring

My roommates.

Sandra Voskoboynikova

I’m going to miss the community — being a part of a group that has been so friendly and provided me with so much.

Elizabeth Vredevelt

The friends and community.

Alexis John

My friends!

Colton Chovanec

The family atmosphere.

Megan Hope

Knowing everyone on campus. I love how close-knit the community is.

Carina Andrews

My friends and the community.

Andrew Ludden

The community.

Peyton Triplette

How close everything and everybody are together.

Alaina Frye

Having all my people in one place.

Matt Arrigoni

The people.

Ella Bright

The people.

Faith Bell

The friends I made here.

Miranda Patterson

The small community.

Rachel Kostrzewa

My friends.

Elizabeth Card

The welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Andrew Gulick

I’m going to miss the friends I made.

Weston Hirvela

The sense of community at the college. The small campus really helped build connections.

Autry Clark

Seeing my friends every day.

Matthew Hanson

Being able to see my friends every day.

Mackenzie Harwood

My friends and the community that is here.

Noah Festerling

Seeing everybody everyday. 

Darcy Daenzer

Seeing my friends every day.

Other things!

Angela Mish

The bagpipes.

Morgan Henson

Going to football games!

Allyson Ehlert

The travel opportunities.

Finn Knotts

Downtown Alma.

Chloe Koupal

The squirrels!

Yuhao Guo


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