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Model UN

Build skills in diplomacy, collaboration and negotiation. Learn how peaceful, multilateral conflict resolution can address global challenges. And be a part of the team that the Huffington Post called a “Model UN powerhouse.”

Want to know why students from all over the world travel to Michigan to be a part of Alma College’s Model United Nations team?

It’s because, over the past 29 years, we have received 58 “outstanding delegation” awards at the Midwest Regional Competition and 52 at the National Model UN Conference in New York City. That’s the most of any college or university in the 95-year history of the conference!

But our team is about more than just our extraordinary success. As a Model UN student, you’ll be part of a tight-knit group of peers, learning how to work as a group, devise solutions to complex issues and debate your case on a national stage.

At A Glance


Outstanding awards from the National Model UN conference


Consecutive years of top national honors


Outstanding delegation awards from the Midwest Model UN conference

Joining the "A Team"

Model UN is a winter semester political science course open to every student, regardless of major. You can take the class once, but many students enroll as first years and continue throughout their four years at Alma.

Our students come from all over the world, and our team is often as big as 50 members — making it the largest and most diverse globally.

You’ll represent both countries and non-governmental organizations, tackling topics such as climate change, public health threats, global conflicts and international trade.

And you’ll travel, competing at the Midwest competition in St. Louis and the national competition in New York City — with all costs covered by the College. While in New York, you’ll spend two days in the UN headquarters, interacting with leading UN officials and experts during committee sessions.

Launchpad for Success

Launchpad for Success

As a Model UN student, you’ll learn how to negotiate successfully, examine issues from multiple perspectives and understand the importance of international cooperation. Those skills propel our students to careers that create lasting change.

Graduates from our Model UN program have won prestigious national and international awards, such as the Gates-Cambridge, Fulbright and Truman scholarships. Many continue their education at leading law and medical and graduate programs, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and Johns Hopkins.

The Alma College Global Challenge

The Alma College Global Challenge

Get a headstart on your Model UN career this summer! Every year, high school students and incoming Scots participate in the “Global Challenge,” a four-day UN Security Council crisis simulation.

You’ll work with a team to represent one of 15 countries, using research, public speaking and negotiation skills to address pressing global issues, such as climate change, terrorism and mass migration.

When you attend Global Summit and enroll at Alma College, you’ll receive a $200 tuition credit towards your first semester!

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