Q: Hi, welcome! Could you start us off by introducing yourself?

A: Thanks for having me do this. My name is Izzy Alston and I’m a junior at Alma College. I’m originally from Monroe, Mich., and I transferred here after my first year at another college. I’m an English major, with an educational studies minor, and I’m having a really great time here!

Q: I wanted to know how someone gets to Alma from Monroe. So, tell us about the transfer process. What was it like to transfer to Alma?

A: I went to my first college to major in a specific program, but then decided to change my major. So, that played a big part in why I decided to transfer in the first place. Alma College made the transfer process really easy. The transfer representative at Alma College spoke with me, 1-on-1, in a way that I’m not sure I would have been able to do at a larger school. They broke it down, piece by piece: “Here’s what you need to know about housing, here’s what you need to know about academics,” and so on. I didn’t lose any credits that I had earned at my previous institution, either, so I’m going to graduate on time!

Q: That’s fantastic. Tell us, what it’s like to be an English major at Alma College?

A: I love it. I have changed my major six times since I started my college career and I feel like I’ve found my niche. The English faculty do a great job of explaining what you can do with an English degree. We’re not going to leave here without a plan for our next steps — whether it’s a career in writing, journalism or communications, or a grad program like the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, or something else altogether. They are very well-connected around campus and with people in numerous industries, so I feel like I’m going to have a great plan for what to do after college.

Beyond that, the classes I’m in are amazing. I have a creative writing class with Dr. Robert Vivian that is exceptional. His own writing is so inspirational and the way that he teaches is empowering. He sees the talent that his students possess and works with them to bring it out on paper. I’m taking another class with Dr. Maya Dora-Laskey where we read the most incredible writing — pieces I never would have even heard of, if it weren’t for her.

Q: You’ve changed your major six times?

A: I have! My academic advisor, Dr. Brian Hancock, has been so helpful to me in figuring out what courses I need to take in order to do the things I want to do. He is an education professor, but his expertise goes beyond those classes. And with the way Alma’s core curriculum is set up, you’re allowed to explore and try new things until you find the course of study that is just right for you. A degree gets you places, it doesn’t get you just to one place.

Q: Tell us about your on-campus job.

A: I work in admissions and I really love it! I’ve here for about a year. The people who work here are really nice, and it’s a great way to be connected with opportunities on campus. I’m able to learn more about this place because admissions is at the heart of what we do here. It’s also fun to give tours of campus and meet our prospective students. Plus, it’s great to have pocket money!

Read more about the transfer process and the English department at Alma College at alma.edu.