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Use language to engage, inspire and share ideas. Writing is a powerful tool. It allows us to persuade, communicate and connect. As a writing minor at Alma, you will:   Explore

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MFA in Creative Writing

Writing for the 21st century. The Alma College Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing offers the opportunity to enter an artistic community in which you’ll read deeply, study

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Spark curiosity, foster creativity and provoke a lifelong love of learning. Alma’s nationally-accredited education program is approved by the Michigan Department of Education. We designed it to equip you with the background,

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From backstage to center stage, let your creativity shine. At Alma, our theatre program emphasizes imagination, creativity, performance and production. As a theatre major, you will:  Take classes in acting,

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The first step toward your legal career. While there is no set “pre-law” curriculum required to be admitted to law school, there are qualities that will set you apart. Through

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Contemplate life, meaning and human experience. Through philosophy, we weigh fundamental questions about the nature of reality and our place within it. In Alma’s philosophy program, you will:  Survey the

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New Media Studies

Shape the future of digital communication. The ways we learn, create and consume information are constantly evolving. The field of new media studies sits at the intersection of technology, communication

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Explore how the past has molded the present. Historians study the complexity of factors that inform movements and events in history. As a history major at Alma, you will:  Take

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Harness the power of words. At Alma, our English program prioritizes helping you develop as a creative and critical thinker. As an English major, you will:  Survey formative works from

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Communication majors and minors at Alma College work closely with faculty to develop learning paths through the major that reflect students’ career goals.

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