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Computer Game Programming

You bring your imagination. We’ll provide technical instruction and a space for multimedia exploration. Alma’s Computer Programming program offers a comprehensive and organized curriculum for students interested in game creation.

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Electrical Engineering

Develop innovative approaches to the world as we know it. Our electrical engineering program is for the wonderers. For those who learn best by doing. And those that are driven

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Computer Engineering

Make sense of the technology that drives us. Then, make it better. Our computer engineering program gives you the tools to successfully solve problems head on with advanced knowledge in

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Prepare to apply for veterinary school while also exploring and learning widely. Your Alma education will prepare you to continue your path towards a career that focuses on your particular

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MS in Communication and Information Technology

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Learn how and why people think, feel and act from a scientific perspective. As a psychology student, you’ll explore the relationship between the mind, brain and body. You’ll build a

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Discover the structure of reality. You’ll study the fundamental laws and building blocks of nature, from the formation of stars to the efficiency of engines. You’ll develop excellent mathematical and

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Learn how to provide safe, effective, evidence-based care. In Alma’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), you’ll build a cross-disciplinary foundation in the sciences and humanities. Then, you’ll put your expertise

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Engineering Science

Get to the heart of how – and why – things work the way they do. As an engineer, you’ll analyze complex problems and use your knowledge to develop creative

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Ask big questions and find answers through hands-on work in the laboratory and research. With a bachelor’s degree in biology, you’ll develop a solid understanding of fundamentals, including the basics

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