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Special Education – Learning Disabilites

The Special Education endorsement is a K-12 teaching major that is completed with an elementary or secondary education major.

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Mild to Moderate Disabilities

A one-of-a-kind program that’s all yours.  You’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Mild to Moderate Disabilities program at Alma College and walk away with three special education endorsements

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Spark curiosity, foster creativity and provoke a lifelong love of learning. Alma’s nationally-accredited education program is approved by the Michigan Department of Education. We designed it to equip you with the background,

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Enhance your global communication skills. With 595 million speakers worldwide, few languages are as broadly utilized as Spanish. As a Spanish major at Alma, you’ll:  Analyze literature, film, art and

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World Languages and Cultures

Break down barriers. Expand horizons. Studying other languages and cultures fosters empathy and intercultural collaboration, allowing us to thrive in an increasingly connected world. In Alma’s world languages and cultures

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Harness the power of words. At Alma, our English program prioritizes helping you develop as a creative and critical thinker. As an English major, you will:  Survey formative works from

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American Studies

Examine the nuances of the American experience. Culture is a complex system shaped by history, arts, social, religious, economic and political structures, the environment and technology. As an American Studies

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