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Financial Economics

Invest in your future. Pave the way for a fulfilling career in an exciting and demanding field. Understand how financial markets work and how they are regulated. Cultivate the tools

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Public Health

Learn how to boost, protect and promote the health of communities. The field of public health aims to improve health outcomes through preventive medicine and education. In our public health

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The first step toward your legal career. While there is no set “pre-law” curriculum required to be admitted to law school, there are qualities that will set you apart. Through

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Political Science

Examine systems of power and government. Political science analyzes how governments function at the local, national and global levels. To earn your bachelor’s degree in political science, you’ll:  Study the

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Contemplate life, meaning and human experience. Through philosophy, we weigh fundamental questions about the nature of reality and our place within it. In Alma’s philosophy program, you will:  Survey the

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Explore how the past has molded the present. Historians study the complexity of factors that inform movements and events in history. To earn your bachelor’s degree in history, you will: 

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Environmental Studies

Help to shape a sustainable future. Alma’s environmental studies program investigates the relationships between the environment and human behavior, health, economics and policy. As an environmental studies major, you will: 

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Study how people, organizations and societies allocate their resources. Economists analyze market conditions, make forecasts and asses the economic impact of different kinds of government policy. To earn your bachelor’s

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Data Analytics

Leverage data to make informed, strategic decisions. In the digital age, understanding and interpreting data is vital to organizational success. Data analysts help businesses contextualize customer behavior, quantify demand and

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Study how people make meaning in organizations, communities and cultures. Communication is fundamental to building relationships, sharing information, influencing others, resolving conflict and collaborating effectively. As a communication major or

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