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David Troyer

Theatre is one of those disciplines in which there is no “one” right way to do anything. One of the great things about Dr. Scott Mackenzie, I think, is how

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Izzy Alston

Alma College made the transfer process really easy. The transfer representative at Alma College spoke with me, 1-on-1, in a way that I’m not sure I would have been able

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Alexandra Voskoboynikova

I major in Communication because with it, you learn skills such as negotiation, public, speaking, and effectively reaching out to consumers – things that are fundamental for any field you

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Tracy Haroff

The special education program is preparing me to better help my students. I am learning valuable and practical information about special education. Because the classes are virtual, it allows me to

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Seny Gonzalez Guardado

I give a lot of credit to the director of the MFA program, Sophfronia Scott. She has built a program and a group of people who are so talented and

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Kali Donnelly

The field experience is hugely beneficial for my future career and I really enjoy it in the moment. Not many undergrads can say that they know exactly what they want

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Mariem Hamdi

Model UN is the most formative experience I have ever had. Dr. Hulme is amazing. It’s a demanding program and you work very hard in Model UN, but the rewards

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Tre’Quan LaFond

To be able to come here and do the research on something local, to go out and see what happens when stuff like agricultural waste goes into a river, it’s

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