ALMA — Alma College has been recognized for its commitment to prepare graduates who think critically, serve generously, lead purposefully and live responsibly by Colleges of Distinction, a guide for college-bound students. Alma has been named a 2024-25 College of Distinction, as well as a Michigan College of Distinction and a Private College of Distinction.

In addition to the overall and statewide honors, Alma’s undergraduate business, education and nursing programs received 2024-25 national endorsements. It is the 17th consecutive year that Alma College has been recognized by the national guide.

“We are so pleased to see Alma College recognized by national publications for the quality of its student and faculty bodies, on-campus life and success after commencement,” said President Jeff Abernathy. “We are especially grateful to see our business, education and nursing programs specifically recognized, for the thoughtful dedication that has gone into them by faculty and staff who work hard every day to ensure their success.”

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The 2024-25 edition of Colleges of Distinction highlights Alma College for excellence in classroom teaching and its high-impact student-centered programs — including research opportunities, first-year experiences and seminars, service- and community-based learning and capstone courses and projects.

“A college degree opens the door to many opportunities,” said Tyson Schritter, chief operating officer at Colleges of Distinction. “But a truly worthwhile education prepares students to thrive once they walk through that door. Alma College’s curriculum encourages meaningful student-faculty collaboration through experiential learning that is relevant and applicable to the real world.”

”We’ve never ranked our schools,” said Schritter. “No student is alike, so there can’t be a number-one school for everyone. We are much more focused on the innovative ways that colleges are offering their own brand of a truly rich undergraduate education. Alma’s individual approach to education helps students achieve success in unique ways that cannot be ranked against others.”

Selected schools are required to adhere to four distinctions — engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities and successful outcomes. The selection process also includes a review of each institution’s first-year experience, general education program, strategic plan, career development and satisfaction measures.

Schritter continued, “We are so impressed to see how Alma College brings life to the traditional undergraduate experience. With a welcoming community, an immersive curriculum, and strong support networks, Alma is undoubtedly nurturing the growth of tomorrow’s leaders.”