Let's Connect


For Alumni

Let’s keep in touch. We’ve rounded up seven ways to stay professionally connected with Alma College.


Post a job or internship with your organization

Is your organization hiring or are you interested in creating an internship for an Alma College student? Post your position on Handshake, our job and internship posting board, to share the opportunity with Alma students and invite them to apply. If there is someone else overseeing hiring at your organization, find out if they use Handshake and, if so, encourage them to include Alma College when posting opportunities.

Refer a job or internship

Email careerdevelopment@alma.edu to send us information about an internship or entry-level job that you think would be a great fit for an Alma College student. These could include opportunities outside your organization. If you or another Alma alumnus would be a good contact for a student applying to the position, please include that information in your referral. We will share this information with interested faculty and students.

Post a micro-internship project

Non-profit and civic organizations may post a 20 to 40-hour professional project that a student can complete remotely. The PlaidWorks Micro-Internship Initiative provides students with grants of up to $500 for the completion of a micro-internship. For micro-internships with local nonprofit organizations and Alma alumni, see the PlaidWorks Micro-internship program. Students who complete these volunteer projects are eligible for a $250 - $500 grant from Alma College.

Enable a student to job-shadow you

Take a Scot “on the spot” by providing a job shadowing experience! Learn more about the Scots on the Spot job shadow program.

Donate to the Alma Venture program

The Venture program supports experiential learning opportunities for all Alma College students.

Join the Alma Professional Network group on LinkedIn

An active and dynamic space for Alma College alumni, faculty, staff, and students to network and support career and professional development.

Participate in a networking event

Looking to get involved? Support current Scots by participating in a networking event, such as our Roundtable Represent (identity based), discipline-based networking events, or alumni speed interviews.