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PlaidWorks Micro-Internship Program

Alma College is offering students a PlaidWorks Grant up to $500 when they complete a PlaidWorks Micro-Internship.

A micro-internship is a short term (20-40 hour) professional project, similar to that which could be completed by an intern or entry-level employee, and which can be completed entirely remotely.

The PlaidWorks Micro-internship grant is available to Alma students and 2021 graduates in amounts of $250 (for projects of approximately 20 hours) or $500 (for projects of approximately 40 hours) for the completion of micro-internship projects for not-for-profit and civic organizations, while grant funds last.

Students completing a PlaidWorks micro-internship gain work experience and explore career paths, while non-profit host organizations benefit from skilled assistance with projects that support their mission. Examples of projects could include: social media review or content generation, research and data analysis, copywriting, and data cleaning.

For more information, email careerdevelopment@alma.edu.