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There’s nothing like experience to help you answer your questions – and question your answers! It’s not just what you learn during your time here that matters, but what you do.

On-campus experience

  • Clubs and Organizations: Check out student organizations on Connect and determine where you want to get involved. You can gain valuable experience in many different types of organizations. Examples of pre-professional student organizations active at Alma College include: Business Professionals of America, Education Club, Pre-Veterinary Club, Pre-Health Club, and many more.
  • On-Campus Employment: An on-campus job is more than just a great way to earn money – it can also be an opportunity to gain resume-enhancing experience, learn professionally relevant skills, and earn a professional reference. Log in to Handshake to search and apply for on-campus jobs.
  • Research: Alma offers a lot of opportunities for students to get involved in hands-on research. Let your professors know that you are interested in research, and check out other tips on identifying research opportunities on campus here.

Internship experience

  • Micro-internships: A micro-internship is a short term (20-40 hour) professional project, similar to that which could be completed by an intern or entry-level employee, and which can be completed entirely remotely.  Alma College offers two kinds of micro-internships.
    • For micro-internships with local nonprofit organizations and Alma alumni, see the PlaidWorks Micro-internship program. Students who complete these volunteer projects are eligible for a $250 – $500 grant from Alma College. For micro-internships with companies, search and apply through Parker Dewey.
  • Academic internship programs: Academic internship programs combine a guaranteed internship placement with coursework for Alma credit. They are a great way to gain experience – exploring a new city, working a professional internship, living in an apartment and cooking for yourself – with the support of peers, professors, and professional staff there to help you be successful. Check out our partner programs in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D.C. For information, contact Carla Jensen at jensencr@alma.edu.
  • Your internship search: Searching for an internship is its own job, with a time commitment to match. To get started you’ll want to have an idea of when and where you want to do your internship, and what kind of position you are looking for. Use this resource page to help you get started, and don’t forget to check Handshake for job and internship postings, or to schedule an appointment with a member of the Career and Personal Development team.
  • Getting academic credit for an internship: If you have secured an internship and are interested in getting Alma College academic credit, contact a faculty member in the department in which you are seeking credit in order to identify a faculty supervisor. Together, you and your faculty supervisor will complete and submit the Practicum Form. Tuition fees will apply for internships registered during spring or summer (or resulting in overload during the academic year). If you have questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Volunteer experience

  • Check out local volunteer experiences in Connect under student service opportunities.
  • Participate in Alma College Alternative Breaks to spend breaks between and during terms serving a new community and learning about a social or environmental issue that you care about.
  • Remember that you can apply to the Alma Venture program for financial support for service projects that you undertake during the summer.

Job shadowing and informational interviews

  • Conduct informational interviews with family friends, alumni, or other connections to learn about their career paths and what the day-to-day is like in their profession. Contact the Career and Personal Development Team at careerdevelopment@alma.edu to be connected with alumni.
  • Apply for a job shadowing experience with Scots on the Spot.

International experience

  • Consider Off-Campus Study to earn Alma College credit at one of our partner sites around the world or an academic internship in Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, or Washington D.C.
  • Plan an Alma Venture experience that will help you gain a new perspective on your place in the world.