Financial Aid

Alma Scholarships

Alma College provides many financial aid opportunities for you throughout your college career. 

Awards available to incoming first year and transfer students for the 2023 - 2024 academic year.

Merit Awards 2023-24 Academic Year 

Scholarship Average GPA Amount
Alma Scholarship <3.00 $23,000/year
Achievement Scholarship 3.00 - 3.24 $24,000/year
Tartan Scholarship 3.25 - 3.49 $26,000/year
Dean’s Scholarship 3.50 - 3.74 $28,000/year
Trustee Scholarship 3.75 - 3.99 $30,000/year
Presidential Scholarship* 4.00 + $32,000/year


Transfer Scholarships

Scholarships are available for transfer students who demonstrate academic achievement at their previous undergraduate institution or community college.

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Performance Scholarships

Performance Scholarships are available to talented students in art, dance, music (both vocal and instrumental), theatre and Scottish Arts.

Students demonstrating exemplary performance in any of these areas may be eligible for Distinguished awards, earning up to full tuition. All funds are awarded at the discretion of the fine and performing arts faculty, and with the exception of the fine arts, the students’ intended major or minor is not a consideration. Please see below for basic information on each scholarship and links to more detailed requirements.

Students are only eligible to receive one scholarship per year in this category. If students are offered an award from more than one department, they must select one. Students may continue to participate in multiple areas regardless of their scholarship selection. If offered a distinguished award it will replace standard performance awards previously offered.

To get started, complete the Alma College Performing Arts & Audition Form. Deadline to audition is March 1, 2023. 


Art and Design

$1,500/year. The Department of Art & Design awards scholarships to talented artists in any medium via portfolio submission. More Information


$1,500/year. The Dance Department awards scholarships to talented dancers through a group or individual audition process. See the criteria and the current year’s audition dates.

Dance Team 

$1,500/year. Awarded upon acceptance to incoming students (first year & transfer) who compete on the dance team. 

Esports Scholarship

$1,500/year. Awarded upon acceptance to incoming students (first year and transfer) who compete on the Esports team. Coach Chris Gaumond


$1,500/year. The Music Department awards scholarships both instrumentalists and vocalists through an audition process. Auditions are scheduled on an individual basis; for details, see the department’s audition and scholarship information.


$1,500/year. The Theatre Department awards acting scholarships through an audition process and technical theatre scholarships via portfolio submission. Auditions are scheduled on an individual basis.

Scottish Arts Scholarship

$1,500/year. For students demonstrating a high level of accomplishment in Highland dancing or piping (regardless of intended major).

Experiential Learning Awards

Need a little help funding your dream research project or study abroad experience? Various programs are available to help you take your learning to the next level.

Currie Scholars Program

A generous grant from Eleanor H. Currie has enabled the College to establish a Currie Scholars program beginning in fiscal year 2001. Qualified sophomores and juniors may apply for this program, which will provide a stipend of $2,500 plus waiver of room charges for the summer (if work is done on campus) to support scholarly or creative projects in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Contact Carla Jensen P: (989) 463-7421

David B. Kinney Scholarship Program

Supported by a generous gift from the family of attorney and social activist David B. Kinney, class of 1943, Alma College is pleased to offer a grant of up to $2,500 to support student research related to, in Mr. Kinney’s words, “independent and original study of any items, persons or societal trends relating to the birth or endurance of our precious Bill of Rights.” Proposals which clearly cross-disciplinary boundaries and/or require travel to research sites are strongly encouraged.

Contact Carla Jensen P: (989) 463-7421

The Posey Global Leadership Fellows Program

The Posey Global Leadership Fellows Program seeks to cultivate the next generation of global leaders by promoting innovative experiential and research opportunities anywhere in the world.

Contact Derick “Sandy” Hulme with questions at (989) 463-7387.

Alma Venture Program

The Alma Venture Program provides recipients with financial support for applied learning experiences such as Spring Term, research projects, off-campus study, internships and more. Check out some recent experiences and see what the Alma Venture Program can do for you!

Contact Carla Jensen with questions at (989) 463-7421.

Other Alma Scholarships

Available for students meeting specific criteria or those interested in specific areas of study. Please note that some of these scholarships are automatically awarded based on set criteria, while others require an application and have a deadline. These are only awarded to incoming first year and transfer students. Most of these awards are renewable in future years if all scholarship, award, or grant requirements are still being met. Follow the links that are provided for more information.

Alumni Award (Legacy)

A student who’s sibling, grandparent, or parent are Alma College alumni receive the Alma College Alumni Award which provides $1,500 per year for 4 years ($6,000 in total).

Scottish Hospitality Scholarship

We offer a variety of visit options and are excited to help plan your Alma College experience. Head to to schedule your trip to Alma - we have options Monday through Friday and select Saturdays. Just by visiting campus, you’ll earn a $1,000 scholarship so it’s worth the trip to see us! This scholarship is renewable for up to a total of $4,000 over four years.  Excludes College Game Day Saturday Visits and while multiple visits are encouraged, you can only be awarded one scholarship.

Early Action Scholarship

Complete your application by December 1 and earn $1,000 renewable for up to a total of $4,000 over four years.

FAFSA Filing Scholarship

File your FAFSA and earn $1,000 renewable for a total of up to $4,000 over four years.  

Alma Mission Award

This award is given to students primarily based on information disclosed during the application and financial aid process and is intended for students of backgrounds and communities that have been traditionally underrepresented in higher education on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, those with disabilities, geographic location, active military individuals, and dependents of military individuals.  The Alma Mission Award is awarded at the discretion of the Admissions Office and Financial Aid Office staff.

Kim Kaye Scholarship

Students that participate in cheer have the opportunity to receive up to $16,000 in their four years to attend Alma College.  During each camp session of the summer, up to five athletes will receive this scholarship.  Winners will be announced during “Final Day Fun” on the last day of your respective session.  All high school athletes can be nominated however, a cheerleader can only win once during his or her time at Champion.  (Example: A freshman is nominated and wins their first year at Champion.  They cannot win again in the sophomore, junior, or senior year).

Coaches: Athlete(s) must attend a Champion overnight camp the summer they are your athlete and the reference and application must be completed in the same school year. If your athlete does not receive a scholarship this year, they may re-apply each year he or she attends Champion.

How To Nominate

Step 1:  The coach will need to fill out the Champion Referral Form.

Step 2:  The athlete(s) needs to fill out the application for the scholarship.

The Breakdown

  • Coach refers athlete to attend Alma College by completing the Champion Referral Form
  • Athlete wins the Kim Kaye Scholarship and attends Alma College:  $4,000 per year for up to 4 years totaling $16,000
Geographic Scholarships

Students who are entering their Freshmen year at Alma College, pending eligibility criteria, qualify for the following scholarships that are renewed annually.

Alma College Community Engagement (ACE) Scholarship

The Alma College Community Engagement (ACE) Scholarship program was created to offer access and affordability to Gratiot County’s most engaged students who desire to pursue a life-changing, liberal arts education. The program will offer up to 10 full-tuition awards annually to graduating high school seniors. Full tuition is covered using Alma College, State, and Federal Aid sources and is renewable for 4 years.

Detroit Future Scholarship

Alma College offers up to 15 Detroit Future Scholarships each year to qualified students from select schools in the city of Detroit. The Detroit Future Scholarship assists substantially with financial need making a private education affordable with minimal out-of-pocket expense. Scholarship amount varies depending on financial need — Alma College will maximize the dollar amount you can receive.

Detroit Promise Scholarship

Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship

Awards for Current Undergraduate Students

Select the academic year in which you started attending Alma College to see more information on the grants, scholarships, and awards offered that year.

2022 - 2023
2021 - 2022
2020 - 2021
2019 - 2020

Current undergraduate students are also eligible for awards listed under the “Experiential Learning Awards”.

IMPORTANT: Eligibility for these awards was determined at the time of application and ended upon matriculating to be an active Alma College student. Student’s current awards renew based on the criteria in the documents above. Students who leave Alma College and return later receive their original awards based on the renewal information provided above.


Important Eligibility Information

Be sure to review Alma College’s policies/procedures and the academic catalog as it is your responsibility to be familiar with situations that may affect your financial aid.

Students receiving a full tuition scholarship, grant or award from Alma College or an outside provider are not eligible to receive standard Alma College merit, competitive, or additional scholarships, grants or awards. These are replaced by the full tuition award being received. This includes but is not limited to the Yellow Ribbon Program, ROTC, Detroit Promise, Kalamazoo Promise, and Alma College’s Distinguished Presidential, and Distinguished Scholar Award (up to full tuition). Non-College financial aid will be adjusted in accordance with the rules and regulations applicable to those programs.