Forms and Policies

Need to drop or add a course?

Schedule changes for individual courses can be made using the electronic Drop/Add form when the portal is not open to make changes or if a circumstance prevents the portal from being able to be utilized (time conflict exists, instructor approval is needed, etc.) The Drop/Add form can be found electronically under>> Registrar>> Drop/Add Request. This form will automatically be routed to your advisor first for approval before arriving at the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Declare your major or minor.

Each student must declare an area of concentration before the end of the sophomore year. This area of concentration may be a departmental major, interdepartmental major, or a program of emphasis (POE). Major and Minor Declaration forms are available electronically through the Student Portal under>> Registrar>>Major Declaration (or Minor Declaration).

Record your independent study or thesis.

Alma College has developed certain courses that require supervised activity planned with a member of the faculty, but where coursework is completed independently by the student. The student and faculty supervisor must establish the criteria for satisfactory completion of such study. Independent Study/Thesis forms are available electronically through the Student Portal under>> Registrar>> Record of Independent Study or Thesis.

Participate in a practicum or internship.

Students planning a Practicum or Internship should first discuss the possibility with a faculty member with whom they would like to work. The Practicum form and Supervisor form are available electronically through the Student Portal under>> Registrar>> Record of Practicum

Need to change your advisor?

Upon enrollment, students are assigned to a faculty member who will serve as their academic advisor. Students can elect to change their academic advisor at any point in their academic career at Alma by submitting a Change of Advisor Form to the Registrar’s Office. Change of Advisor forms are available electronically through the Student Portal under>> Registrar>> Change Advisor.

Need to take a class as pass/fail?

Students may elect the Satisfactory Grade Option (“S” or “F”) by filing the approved form with the instructor’s consent at the Registrar’s Office before the deadline to drop the class. If the student elects this option, evaluation of the course work is recorded as “S” (equivalent to a “C” or better) or as “F” (failing, no credit). Neither grade is computed in the GPA. Satisfactory Grade Option forms are available electronically through the Student Portal under>> Registrar>> Course Pass/Fail Application.

Get your transfer credit approved.

Current Alma College students are encouraged to have transfer courses approved prior to enrolling as a guest student at another institution. Students must submit a completed Transfer Credit Approval form to the Registrar’s Office for evaluation. Transfer Credit Approval forms are available electronically through the Student Portal under>> Registrar>> Transfer Credit Approval. The following Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application has been created in a fillable PDF format.

Substitute a course.

A course substitution may be used to fulfill an Alma College academic requirement with approval of the relevant academic department. Course Substitution forms are available electronically through the Student Portal under>> Registrar>> Course Substitution.

Tuition Exempt Credits

Students are permitted to enroll in a maximum of two credits, from the approved overload exempt class list, above the normal load of 18 credits without incurring a tuition overload charge.

Earning a Bachelor of Science Degree

To earn a Bachelor of Science degree, a student must earn 68 credits in courses approved to count toward the Bachelor of Science degree. All other major and degree requirements, as outlined in the Alma College academic catalog, must be completed as well to earn a degree.

Course Fees

An additional course fee may be present with some courses taken at Alma College. Please see the following list of course fee for information on current course fees.

Dual Enrollment Information for High School Students

Students interested in taking Alma College courses while in high school should review the dual enrollment information packet through Admissions. The completed application may be submitted to the Registrar’s Office in the lower level of Hamilton Commons on campus, emailed to, or faxed to (989) 463-7578. The deadline to apply for fall term is August 1 and for winter term is December 1.

Withdrawing from Alma College

Students who do not intend to register for the upcoming semester or who want to completely withdraw from all of their courses during the semester should contact Phil Andre, Director of Student Success for support in completing the withdrawal process. Students who choose to withdraw can do so at any time. If a student withdraws during the semester before the withdrawal deadline (usually the final week of a 14-week class), the student will earn the grade of a “W” for all courses, which will not factor into the student’s cumulative GPA.

To initiate the withdrawal process please complete the following steps:

  1. Contact Phil Andre, Director of Student Success, at or (989) 463-7430 for an overview of the process.
  2. Complete the withdrawal form found on the Inside Alma Portal or here.
  3. Complete the withdrawal survey.
  4. Contact Phil Andre to complete an exit interview. Note: The withdrawal will be processed only after these first three required steps are completed.
  5. Complete the items on the withdrawal checklist.

Renewed Student Enrollment Form

Students who have withdrawn for more than one semester and would like to re-enroll for the upcoming semester should fill out a Renewed Student Enrollment form and email it to If a student has been withdrawn for less than one complete semester, please email indicating your interest to re-enroll, no form is needed.