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Policy Quick Guide

We’ve pulled out some of the important pieces of the policy below. Know your rights and understand the investigation process. See the full policy for more information.

Mandatory Reporting

If you discuss a potential violation of the Equity Grievance or Sexual Misconduct policies with any faculty or staff member, it is that person’s responsibility to report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator, regardless of whether you want to formally report the incident. All mandatory reporters are required to file a grievance within 24 hours of notification of a violation.

Confidential Support

Individuals in the following offices have amnesty in regard to the mandatory reporting policy and do not have to report a Title IX violation:

  • Chaplain’s Office
  • Wilcox Medical Center

Statement on Relationships

It is a violation of Alma College policy to pursue a sexual or romantic relationship in situations where professional power differentials are inherent. Alma College will investigate all allegations or reports of sexual misconduct. The findings that result from the college’s investigation may lead to charges of violating campus policies, which may be grounds for dismissal or other sanctions.


Retaliation is defined as any adverse action taken against a person participating in a protected activity because of their participation in that protected activity.

Retaliation against an individual for alleging harassment, supporting a party bringing a grievance or for assisting in providing information relevant to a claim of harassment is a serious violation of Alma College policy and will be treated as another possible instance of harassment or discrimination. Report all acts immediately to the Title IX Coordinator.

Reporting and Resolution Process

  • Filing a grievance — someone files a report on a policy violation
  • Grievance intake — case is reviewed an assigned a grievance panel member
  • Investigation — formal investigation of the grievance, if desired by the reporter
    • Grievance resolution — final action is decided by the Title IX Coordinator
    • Conflict resolution
    • Resolution without a hearing
    • Formal resolution