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Alma College does not discriminate or allow others to discriminate based on a person’s disability. We’re here to help. We provide support and services for students, faculty and staff with disabilities.

Students with Disabilities

Alma College is committed to providing qualified students with disabilities, with reasonable accommodations and support needed to ensure equal access to the academic programs and activities of the Alma College.

All accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis. A student requesting any accommodation should first contact the Student Success Office, which coordinates services for students with disabilities. The director reviews documentation provided by the student and, in consultation with the student, determines which accommodations are appropriate to the student’s particular needs and academic programs.

Employees with Disabilities

Pursuant to the ADA, Alma College will provide reasonable accommodation(s) to all qualified employees with known disabilities, where their disability affects the performance of their essential job functions, except where doing so would be unduly disruptive or would result in undue hardship.

An employee with a disability is responsible for requesting an accommodation in writing to the director of Human Resources and providing appropriate documentation. The Director of Human Resources will work with the employee’s supervisor to identify which essential functions of the position are affected by the employee’s disability and what reasonable accommodations could enable the employee to perform those duties.