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“The Venture program is about providing every student with the opportunity to get out of the classroom while you’re still a student at Alma College — to seize the moment, explore new opportunities and have an impact in your world as you prepare for life after Alma.” — Carla Jensen, co-director of the Center for College and Community Engagement

The Alma Venture program has been a hallmark of the Alma College experience for 10 years.

Venture grants help students to advance and clarify their personal, professional and academic goals through applied experiences such as internships, study abroad, clinical, research and service projects.

A program of distinction for Alma College and a cornerstone of the Alma Commitment, the Alma Venture program was born of the 2012-17 Alma College Strategic Plan. The Venture program fully began in 2013.

The most recent strategic plan, “Evergreen: A Dynamic Plan for Alma College,” continues to build on the connection between experiential learning, vocational exploration and career development.


20 percent say the Venture program drove their decision to attend Alma College
65 percent say they would not have had their experience without Venture funding
89 percent of sophomores say Venture changed the experiences they chose to pursue in college