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Use language to engage, inspire and share ideas. Writing is a powerful tool. It allows us to persuade, communicate and connect. As a writing minor at Alma, you will:   Explore

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Spark curiosity, foster creativity and provoke a lifelong love of learning. Alma’s nationally-accredited education program is approved by the Michigan Department of Education. We designed it to equip you with the background,

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From backstage to center stage, let your creativity shine. At Alma, our theatre program emphasizes imagination, creativity, performance and production. As a theatre major, you will:  Take classes in acting,

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Hit your highest notes with us. Whether you wish to compose, sing, play or teach, you’ll find opportunities to hone your craft at Alma. As a music major, you’ll:  Study

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Harness the power of words. At Alma, our English program prioritizes helping you develop as a creative and critical thinker. As an English major, you will:  Survey formative works from

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Movement is the language of dance. Dance gives us the power to communicate across cultural and linguistic barriers. Dancers use motion to evoke feelings, tell stories and provoke thought. As

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Art and Design

Find the support and resources you need to hone your creative process. As an art and design major at Alma, you’ll have the flexibility to align your classes with your

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