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Spark curiosity, foster creativity and provoke a lifelong love of learning. Alma’s nationally-accredited education program is approved by the Michigan Department of Education. We designed it to equip you with the background,

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Enhance your global communication skills. With 595 million speakers worldwide, few languages are as broadly utilized as Spanish. As a Spanish major at Alma, you’ll:  Analyze literature, film, art and

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World Languages and Cultures

Break down barriers. Expand horizons. Studying other languages and cultures fosters empathy and intercultural collaboration, allowing us to thrive in an increasingly connected world. In Alma’s world languages and cultures

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Women’s and Gender Studies

Examine gender identity, sexuality and intersectionality. The women’s and gender studies minor focuses on issues concerning women, gender, and sexuality. In our program, you will:  Study the historical contributions of

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Investigate how social behavior, relationships and institutions shape societies. At Alma, we approach sociology as the study of humankind. We focus on how history, psychology and economics interact to affect

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Religious Studies

Study how religion shapes people’s everyday lives. Many people view religion in terms of beliefs, prayers, texts, communities and rituals. However, it can also be about bodies, money, power, the

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Political Science

Examine systems of power and government. Political science analyzes how governments function at the local, national and global levels. In our program, you’ll:  Study the key institutions and processes that

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Contemplate life, meaning and human experience. Through philosophy, we weigh fundamental questions about the nature of reality and our place within it. In Alma’s philosophy program, you will:  Survey the

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Hit your highest notes with us. Whether you wish to compose, sing, play or teach, you’ll find opportunities to hone your craft at Alma. As a music major, you’ll:  Study

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Explore how the past has molded the present. Historians study the complexity of factors that inform movements and events in history. As a history major at Alma, you will:  Take

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