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Doug Campbell

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Learn how and why people think, feel and act from a scientific perspective. As a psychology student, you’ll explore the relationship between the mind, brain and body. You’ll build a

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Investigate how social behavior, relationships and institutions shape societies. At Alma, we approach sociology as the study of humankind. We focus on how history, psychology and economics interact to affect

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Religious Studies

Study how religion shapes people’s everyday lives. Many people view religion in terms of beliefs, prayers, texts, communities and rituals. However, it can also be about bodies, money, power, the

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The first step toward your legal career. While there is no set “pre-law” curriculum required to be admitted to law school, there are qualities that will set you apart. Through

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Contemplate life, meaning and human experience. Through philosophy, we weigh fundamental questions about the nature of reality and our place within it. In Alma’s philosophy program, you will:  Survey the

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Computer Science

Breakthroughs in computing are fundamentally changing the landscape of contemporary life. How do algorithms reproduce – or resist – existing biases in our society? How will artificial intelligence evolve in

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