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Derek Blumke

I chose to come to the Alma College MFA because I was looking for a program that was a little flexible in terms of its nature and timing. I’ve been

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Frank Thomas

I don’t necessarily want to be in a place where everyone is like me — they look like me, walk like me, talk like me, think like me. In that

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Antuan Featherstone

I would certainly recommend Alma to anyone who is considering my line of work. But I would also recommend it to someone who was in a similar position to one

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Calli Ackels

All of my classes ended up helping me in the job I currently work, because the Alma faculty let me see their courses through an interdisciplinary lens and follow my

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Vernonell Smith Jr.

One of the cool things about the education department is that you’re exposed to special education instruction, which I’ve found is pretty rare for someone like me, who is not

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Neil Youngdahl

I ended up winning an award for legal history research, which helped me realize I was doing the right things with my career goals.

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Gabby Blecke

Alma talks a lot about how they teach the whole person — as opposed to simply preparing you for a job — and that was absolutely my experience. Like a

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Abigail Scharboneau

I toured a couple of larger universities for undergrad and found myself completely overwhelmed. The small-school environment was great for me. I made lifelong friends and met my future husband

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John Bricker

One of my professors considered me one of his top students. That inspired me and motivated me to see that somebody believed in my like that.  

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Garnet Johnson

I was prepared for my career when I graduated from Alma College because of the critical thinking that I learned in this industry. There’s a lot of research and things

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