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Alivia Giles

The English department is one of my favorite aspects of Alma. My professors and academic adviser are so kind and always eager to help with anything. I truly feel that

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Abby Wohlfert

I’m grateful for my time at Alma, because it’s given me a very well-rounded education, with extra emphasis on anatomy and physiology, while allowing me to make friends and mentors

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Blake Jonassen

All of the opportunities we have here, I feel like you can’t get anywhere else. To have research experience as an undergrad is very rare and it’s something that can

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Jackie Dietz

The engineering major at Alma College gave me the opportunity to get a hands-on experience in learning how to solve real life problems using my own creative solutions and ideas.

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Dalanie Mott

My classmates and I work together on so many things, which is going to help me prepare for a collaborative workplace after college. I don’t know how my friends in

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Thea Gray

The biology department is a diverse one that can accommodate numerous academic outcomes and goals. I am very thankful for the ample research opportunities that were provided to me. Additionally,

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Annabelle Avolio

Alma’s theatre program truly gives students an all-around great experience. I was able to not only train in acting and technical theatre in a classroom setting, but use my skills

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Sean Pauley

If I didn’t go to a liberal arts college, I feel confident in saying I wouldn’t have a quarter of the opportunities I’ve been given. All you have to do

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Samuel Bjordahl

Last week, I had an interview with an adviser at one of my potential grad schools and they told me, ‘The reason you stick out to me is because of

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Gracie Oven

Our professors get to know your name, where you’re from and what you’re about. Their office doors are always open and they want to help you get to where you’re

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