At Alma College, we couldn’t be more excited for the new Greg Hatcher Learning Commons to open.

Even before construction began in early 2022, we heard all about how the Learning Commons would be an absolute game-changer for Alma College — something that would serve as the heart of our campus. It will be the place where we learn, socialize, study, create and live.

And now, it’s finally here! With the Learning Commons open for students to use, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about what’s actually inside this new space.

Get the best view of campus

From the top of the Learning Commons’ 35-foot-tall glass “beacon,” you can look north, south and east and see all that Alma College has to offer. This vista view is located in a cozy study room, with a fireplace and a variety of couches and comfortable seating. It’s bound to be one of the most popular places to chill out on campus.

Grab lunch or dinner at Qdoba

After a long day of studying, practicing or performing, there’s not much more delicious-sounding than a taco, burrito, or nachos. When Qdoba Mexican Eats opens, in the new Loch Lomond cafe, you’ll be able to get a healthy meal that’s suited to your day — whether you’re going to your next class or hanging out for a while. (The cafe is expected to open in the spring!)

Have your own private space to study

When you’re looking for peace and quiet, you don’t want to feel confined to your residence hall room. You should be able to study in a space that can give you the concentration you need to do your best. That’s why the Learning Commons has been constructed with private study rooms and numerous other cozy spots. They give you all the room you need to stretch out and get comfortable — and even have room enough for members of your group — while maintaining privacy and quiet.

Create and collaborate

Whatever your interests, extracurricular activities or academic majors are, the Learning Commons has been built with the intent of bringing people together. An open performance area provides yet another venue on campus for artists and entertainers to show their skills before a live audience. The Digital Media Commons offers space for creatives in audio, video and photography to do great work. Alma College staff, including those in the Center for College and Community Engagement (3CE) and the Center for Student Opportunity (CSO), will have new homes in the Learning Commons.

Be a part of a community!

The Learning Commons is something that Alma College hasn’t really had in its recent history — a place for everyone on campus to come together, in a central area, and work as one. People you see in the Learning Commons will be there for different reasons, but they are all united under the banner of Alma College. This is your space, on your college campus — it’s time to make the most of it!