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The Fiske Guide has highlighted Alma College annually since 1986.

ALMA — Alma College is once again featured in a college guide trusted by students, families and guidance counselors across the globe for nearly 40 years, the Fiske Guide to Colleges.

Compiled by former New York Times education editor Edward Fiske, the guide profiles the selected schools’ student body, academic quality, social life, financial aid, campus setting, housing, food and extracurricular activities. The Fiske Guide has highlighted Alma College annually since 1986.

Alma is one of 300 schools highlighted in the Fiske Guide to Colleges 2024. The college guide offers an annual analysis of the “best and most interesting” schools in the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

The publication describes Alma College as a “gem” that celebrates its Scottish heritage and “combines the liberal arts with distinctive [academic] offerings” with faculty who are committed to helping students succeed.

It states, “Although Alma was founded 137 years ago, most of the buildings have been built or renovated in recent years. There are lots of trees and open places to sit, at least in the warmer months. A major renovation of the college’s library was completed in early 2023.”

The publication notes Alma’s recently updated core curriculum: “During their first two years, students take four Explore courses, one in each of the following categories: making and understanding the arts, self and society, applying scientific thinking, and engaging in equity and justice. An interdisciplinary seminar is required in the junior or senior year.”

Other notable quotes from Alma’s profile include:

According to a psychology major, the academic atmosphere is “relaxed, but the workload is busy.”
“Your professors double as your advisors, which allows you to build great relationships with them,” explains a communication major.
“I’ve been on five continents in the past four years thanks to this program, and each time I was able to give back to the community I went to,” enthuses an environmental science major.
“We offer music performances, movie nights, speakers, student panels, and tons of events in the dorms,” says a senior.