ALMA — Alma College is one of the 158 best colleges in the Midwest, according to The Princeton Review. The education services company lists Alma in the Best in the Midwest section of its “2023 Best Colleges: Region by Region” website feature.

The Princeton Review website quotes Alma students, who say Alma College “provides a comfortable place for every culture to stand out in a positive way,” and that students are “polite, cordial, and very involved within the school.”

“Students here are ‘friendly to newcomers and welcoming to the community’ and ‘tend to have the idea that the busier you are, the better you are,’” the Review states. “Many students are ‘very studious’ and Alma’s challenging curriculum ‘forces students to try hard and not slack off.’”

The Review also applauds Alma’s faculty, saying they “serve as a wealth of information” and “are more than willing to work with you on not only your academic issues, but personal issues as well.”

“Support systems such as a wellness center, tutoring, and a writing center guide students toward graduation, and a First-Year seminar course gives students a chance to take a class outside of their major,” the Review states. “To ensure that students are ‘fully aware of what is expected of them during their time at Alma College,’ the school also provides each student with a Four-Year Plan, to ‘help guide them as they make decisions about scheduling and choosing a major/minor.’”

The Review also cheers on Alma’s student life, saying, “Everyone at Alma ‘tends to be over-involved’ and participates in at least two school organizations or clubs. There is an ‘active Greek life’ at Alma that ‘interacts heavily with the community and on campus.’”

In its 2023 rankings, the Princeton Review identifies 655 colleges in five zones — Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West and International — as academically outstanding institutions of higher learning. The “best” lists are calculated from student survey results and institutional data.

The “Best in the Midwest” category has featured Alma College annually since the introduction of the ranking in 2004.

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