Alma College Announces Tuition Benefit Program

Partnership will allow employees and dependents of Michigan Masonic Home to receive an Alma education.

Alma College is proud to announce a tuition benefit program with Michigan Masonic Home, a not-for-profit organization providing high quality services to aging adults. Employees of Michigan Masonic Home and their dependents will have the opportunity to receive Alma College tuition covered by the college with optional contributions from their employer. There are a designated number of spaces in the program and the maximum benefit for a qualified student is full Alma College tuition for up to four years through state, federal and institutional aid along with a contribution from the corporate partner.

Alma College values partnerships with community leaders and sees a shared benefit in supporting a tuition benefit program to provide the opportunity for employees and their dependents to experience an Alma College education.

“This program reinforces our commitment to the Alma community and our continued work to make an Alma College education accessible and affordable to more students,” says Alma College President Jeff Abernathy.

Through this program, Alma partners to support the organization’s employees and/or dependents to offset the financial commitment of an Alma education. It gives organizations the added benefit of attracting and retaining top talent.

“A liberal arts education provides the foundation and framework for individuals to navigate the complexities of organizations and society,” said Mike Logan, chief executive officer of Michigan Masonic Home.

“Healthcare is going through a tremendous amount of change and challenges,” said Logan. “Those individuals who are equipped with the ability to critically think, work with diverse teams and seek solutions will ultimately succeed in healthcare. That is why Michigan Masonic Home is thrilled to partner with Alma College to develop a path for our employees to gain an exceptional education in order to be prepared in their roles within our organization and support our mission.

For additional information, please contact the Alma College Admissions Office at or (989) 463-7139.

Story published on April 23, 2020