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Alma Achieves Living Learning Community

Located in Bruske Hall, the Alma Achieves Living Learning Community (AALLC) is for first-year students who want to focus on academic success.

As an AALLC student, you’ll work closely with academic support staff, student mentors and peers to foster healthy study habits.



Any first-year student who wishes to prioritize their academic success in college can apply to join the AALLC.

As a member of the AALLC, you must also meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Scot Success student or a student who has a desire to focus on academics.
  • Attend resource orientation (Office of Student Success, Writing Center, etc.)
  • Enroll in the ACP 100 course in your first semester.
  • Attend your professor’s office hours regularly.
  • Participate in twice weekly (or more) study tables during designated times.
  • Attend progress check-ins with advisors before midterms and finals.

The application to join the AALLC will be posted online in the winter 2023 semester.