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First Year Student Housing

Where will I live?

All first year students live in our first year experience, which is housed in Bruske and Gelston Halls. These two buildings were recently renovated and feature multiple lounges, study rooms, community bathrooms, and a kitchen.

Selection Process

First Year housing selection occurs from March through June each year and has three primary steps:

  1. Sign your housing agreement, complete your roommate profile, and select your meal plan (March)
  2. Select your roommate (May)
  3. Select your room (June)

All of these steps will be completed through your housing portal, which you will be able to access after you make your commitment deposit. Through our portal, you will be able to meet possible roommates, find someone compatible, and choose your room for the upcoming year. If you are eligible to live off campus, you also can find the residency exemption application in your housing portal.



Important Dates

Packing List