Completing Aid Requirements

Some forms of financial aid in particular student and parent loans have requirements to secure the funding.

Please ensure you have completed these for any forms of aid you are using.



The following are required based on loan type

Federal Direct Loans

  1. Accepted loans in My Self Service Portal
  2. Master Promissory Note MPN (valid for 10 years)
  3. Entrance Counseling (only need to complete one time)
  4. Final High School Transcript

Federal Parent PLUS Loans

  1. Completed loan application hand signed and dated
  2. Master Promissory Note MPN (valid for 10 years with approved credit) – must be completed by the same parent who completes the application. Parent will need an FSA ID and password.

Private Student Loans

  1. Review lender list and compare products.
  2. Complete lender application and submit any documents they require.
  3. Sign lender promissory note.

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants

ACE Program
Community service requirements are checked in May and then again after summer. All hours must be complete to renew.

Performing Arts Scholarships
Most require some level of participation and also attendance in particular courses. Please check with the department if you have concerns about not meeting these. Our office checks requirements in April to initially award and September to confirm class attendance.

MI Tuition Grant and MI Competitive Scholarship
Please remember this award is based on residency in MI and also financial need so the steps above do not guarantee you will be eligible.

  1. File the FAFSA before March 1st every year.
  2. Make sure Alma College is selected as the institution you are attending in the MiSSG student portal.

For a complete list of renewal requirements for Alma programs please see the documents below and select the one for your entry year.

2019 – 2020

2020 – 2021

2021 – 2022

Military or Veteran Benefits

Military or Veteran Benefits

If you plan on using military or veteran benefits please make sure you follow the steps below.

  1. Apply for benefits and provide a copy of your certificate of eligibility if you have not done so previously.
  2. Every term complete Alma College’s GI Bill Certification Request form. This can be accessed by logging into your portal and navigating to the “Other Forms”. (this tells us when and how to apply your benefits each term)

For Post -9/11 GI Bill Ch. 33

  1. Complete Monthly Enrollment Verification.  Failing to do so will result in delay and possible loss of your monthly housing allowance.
  2. Read more about monthly enrollment verification.

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