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Phillip Andre

Pronouns: He / Him / His


Director of Student Success; Lecturer of Integrative Physiology and Health Science


Sports Medicine

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CSO 126

Office: (989) 463-7430

Cell: (989) 330-1047 – please feel free to call or text

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By appointment, but please feel free to contact me at any time and we can easily find a good time to meet virtually, outside, or even go for a walk!

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By appointment

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My career began at Alma in 2007. I’m an educator and clinician dedicated to providing the best possible opportunities and experiences for the betterment of my students and patients. Collaboration, understanding, compassion, and support are all key elements of these practices.

My educational background:
B.S., Kinesiology, The Pennsylvania State University (2001)
M.S., Kinesiology, Michigan State University (2005)
Ph.D., Educational Leadership, Central Michigan University (2019)

My Expertise

The assessment and treatment of somatic dysfunction in the thoraco-lumbar spine and pelvis.

Men’s gender identity development, including conformity to masculinity norms, hyper-masculinity, hegemonic masculinity, men’s gender role conflict, toxic jock identity, and the phenomenon of transcendence.

Signature Courses:
Orthopedic Assessment I, Orthopedic Assessment II, Introduction to Manual Medicine

Recent Work and Accomplishments

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