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Holly Liu


Professor of German and Chinese


World Languages and Cultures

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(989) 463-7237

Connect with Holly:


Holly Liu is a professor of world languages and cultures (German and Chinese). She taught at colleges and universities around the world before coming to Alma College in 2006. As a passionate teacher, she says that her students continue to motivate her to be the best professor she can be: “I appreciate that the students at Alma are so enthusiastic about learning.”

She is a frequent presenter at domestic and international conferences. Through her efforts and collaborations with Goethe-Institutes across the United States, she has brought prominent German writers, historians, journalists and film directors to American campuses, including Alma College.

Educational Background:

  • B.A. German Language and Literature, Peking University
  • M.A. German Language and Literature, Texas Tech University; Peking University
  • Ph.D. German Language and Literature, Vanderbilt University

Signature Courses:
Holocaust and the Cold War in Berlin (Spring Term); German Culture through Film; Censorship in Germany.

My Expertise

The twentieth century, with a focus on the Holocaust and Postwar (East and West), post-wall and contemporary German literature and culture, memory and narrative theory and East German Cinema (DEFA).

Recent Work and Accomplishments


Remarque, E. M. (forthcoming). Arc de Triomphe《凯旋门》. Translated into Chinese by H. Liu. Guilin: Lijiang Publishing House (漓江出版社).

Maron, M. (2019). Animal triste 《忧伤动物》. Translated into Chinese and completely revised by H. Liu. (刘宏). Guilin: Lijiang Publishing House (漓江出版社).

Maron, M. (2014). Animal triste 《忧伤动物》. Translated into Chinese by H. Liu. Nanjing: Yilin Publishing House (译林出版社).


Liu, H. (2020). “Die Wahrheit des Augenblicks”: Zu Helga Schütz’ Erinnerungstrategie. In Jette in Dresden und Knietief im Paradies. In: Begegnung ist alles wirkliche Leben. Literatur-, Kultur- und Sprachwissehschaftliche Beiträge II:  Festschrift für Professor Dr. habil. Klaus Hammer zum 85. Geburtstag (pp. 31-44). Hamburg: Dr. Kovacs.