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Emma Bosley-Smith


Assistant Professor of Sociology



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Emma Bosley-Smith is a sociologist who focuses on economic insecurity, LGBTQ identities and family. She is interested in how forms of inequality rooted in classism, homophobia and sexism shape people’s life circumstances, families and financial realities.

Educational Background:

  • B.A. Sociology/Anthropology and Women’s and Gender Studies, Denison University
  • M.A. Sociology, Ohio State University
  • Ph.D. Sociology, Ohio State University

My Expertise

Sexualities, gender, family and economic inequality.

Recent Work and Accomplishments

Reczek, R., & Bosley-Smith, E. R. (2022). Families We Keep: LGBTQ People and their Enduring Bonds with Parents. NYU Press.

Bosley-Smith, E. R. & Reczek, R. (2022). “Why LGBTQ Adults Keep Ambivalent Ties with Parents: Theorizing “Solidarity Rationales,” Social Problems, 2022, spac007, https://doi.org/10.1093/socpro/spac007