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Alma College 2022-10-20

Disability Support Services

Alma College is committed to ensuring that you have access to the educational, social and cultural opportunities that are part of the Alma experience. Classroom accommodations, housing accommodations, assistive technologies as well as advocacy and support are all part of the services provided to students who identify as having a disability. In college, it is up to each student to decide whether to disclose personal disability.

Please email disability_services@alma.edu for more information about these accommodations.


Classroom Accommodations

Classroom Accommodations

Alma will provide reasonable classroom accommodations to students with disabilities.

Accommodations are individually determined based upon discussions between the student and the Student Success Office, a review of the documentation, and input from relevant faculty/staff members (while maintaining confidentiality).

Classroom accommodations at the college level may differ from modifications that were available in high school. Accommodations may not alter an essential component of a course.

Some common examples of accommodations that may be approved include:

  • Extended time on tests or exams
  • Testing in a separate room
  • Use of adaptive technology
  • Note taking services
  • Alternative format textbooks
  • Advance copies of an instructor’s notes/outlines

Housing Accommodations

Housing Accommodations

Accessible housing is available on campus.

Upon request, Alma College will provide accessible housing to individuals with mobility impairments and also provides an accessible venue for any college program scheduled to occur in college-owned housing.

Assistance Animals

Assistance Animals

Approved service and assistance animals play a crucial role in providing assistance to individuals with disabilities, and their presence is essential to ensure equal access to education for all students.

Contact us to schedule an appointment

Email: disability_services@alma.edu
Phone: (989) 463-7430