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Disability Support Services

We’re committed to ensuring that all students have access to the educational, social and cultural opportunities that are part of the Alma experience. Need help? Reach out.

Students with disabilities may face some unique problems in college in addition to the common challenges many college students face. Staff are here to aid you in any way that we can. We can help with tailoring study habits to classes, organizing a schedule, mapping out an academic plan, talking to professors/roommates, exploring career goals, or adjusting to college life.

Classroom accommodations, housing accommodations, assistive technologies and advocacy and support are all part of the services we provide to students who identify as having a disability and turn in the required documentation.


Reporting Web Accessibility Concerns

Accessibility concerns with any college online content should be directed to the Web Accessibility Coordinator for prompt resolution. Users who come across inaccessible online content are encouraged to provide a detailed description of their experience and, if possible, a recommendation for correcting the issue. If users encounter an inaccessible web page, online document or form, and report the problem to the Web Accessibility Coordinator, Alma College will provide an accessible version or alternative within three (3) business days. If no accessible version or alternative can be provided, Alma College will work directly with the user to identify a prompt and appropriate accommodation.

If the concern is not resolved in this manner, the user can file a grievance with the Equity/AA Coordinator. The concern will be investigated following the Alma College Civil Rights Grievance Policies and Procedures.

Web Accessibility Coordinator

Melinda Booth 
(989) 463-7976

Read the full web accessibility policy for more information.