LINKS is a first-year transition, enrichment and support program, committed to supporting and retaining all students of color (Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American, Native American/Indigenous, American Indian, or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, multi-racial, or any other ethnic minority). The program is open to all first-year students of color and allies, including our incoming transfer students. The LINKS program provides participants with a built-in supportive community designed to assist in a successful transition into Alma College. The program provides students with early move-in access, an on-campus Welcome Program to familiarize themselves with, academic enrichment opportunities, academic & social support with peer mentors, leadership opportunities, and community engagement programs


August 22

-9-11 AM move in

-11:30- 12:15 PM – Opening Ceremony Lunch with parents and supporters

*please be sure that you are finished with moving in, and ready to attend this event at 11:30 AM. You might want to plan to move in earlier.

-12:30 – 9 PM: LINKS program

August 23rd

-12 PM – 3 PM LINKS program

Incoming students: Please register for LINKS 2023 at by July 31, 2023.