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International Baccalaureate

Your IB diploma is worth more at Alma College. Jumpstart your college career with an entire year’s worth of credits!

We know how tough curriculum is

You’ve worked hard and you’re well prepared for college — and you should be rewarded for it! Here are some of the ways Alma College does just that

  • Receive 32 credits towards both elective and distributive courses. The courses can also be individually approved to meet major and/or minor requirements.
  • Whether you earn the full diploma or not, if you earn a 5 or above on individual Higher Level (HL) exams, you’re eligible to earn Alma College credit for individual courses such as: biology, French, German, history, music, political science, Spanish and others.
  • Get personalized academic advising to make sure that you are able to make the most of the IB credits in order to reach your academic goals.

With these credits already taken care of, you have more flexibility in your time at Alma to explore your passions. Many students are able to graduate in just three years, while others choose to utilize this credit advantage to pursue multiple majors.

What do 32 credits allow you to achieve?

“As a prior IB student, I am more prepared when it comes to critical thinking and analyzing within my classes. I am using my IB credit to diversify my schedule and select classes that will distinguish me from other applicants when I apply to medical school.”

— Morgan Gibson, ’17

“The IB Diploma is a wonderful preparatory tool for Alma College classes and work with professors. Being awarded 32 credits for my IB Diploma, I am double majoring in Integrative Physiology and Health Science (Pre-Medicine) and Business Administration as well as double minoring in French and English. The IB Program really thrusts students forward, especially at Alma, and because of it, I plan to graduate in 4 years with two majors and two minors.”

— Zachary Lesniak, ’17


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