Kapp Honors Day

Honors Day was established to celebrate scholarly and creative activities in the liberal arts on Alma’s campus.


Over the years, Alma College has fostered a tradition of involving undergraduate students in high-level scholarship and creative work. Our students have presented the results of their work from the laboratories, library, and studios in local, national and international venues.

All Alma students are invited to present their work on this exciting day. The Honors Day Committee encourages submissions of quality projects displaying methods of scholarship and creativity appropriate to their authors’ disciplines.

The outstanding Honors Day student presentations in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences are awarded the Ronald O. Kapp Honors Day Prize. The prize is named for the late Ronald O. Kapp, who was an Alma College biology professor for 32 years and vice president of academic affairs for 20 years.

The 28th Annual Kapp Honors Day will take place on Thursday, April 4, 2024

How to Apply

How to Apply

Students who are interested should consult with their research or academic advisors. To submit your work to be considered for Honors Day, please prepare the following:

  • A 250–350 word summary of your project that includes:
    • A title
    • The specific topic of your research
    • The central questions or statement of the problem your research addresses
    • The rationale or the goals for your research
    • Your research and/or analytical methods
    • Your main findings, results, or arguments (or expected findings if your research is in progress)
  • List co-authors (optional) if a group submission
  • A headshot to accompany your submission
    • Hana Rohlk in Career and Personal Development has added a Headshot option to the appointment options on Handshake. You can sign up directly through the Alma College Handshake link. Appointments are on Friday, February 26 between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • An image that illustrates your work (optional)

Save your abstract in a portable document format (pdf). Visit alma.edu/honors-day-submission to submit your entry.

Your faculty sponsor will need to approve your abstract for consideration for presentation on Honors Day so make sure to consult with them before you submit your abstract.

The 2024 Deadline was Monday, February 12.


Please contact Morgan Fonley at fonleymr@alma.edu.