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Student Opportunities

Alma College Theatre provides you with a structured production experience in acting, directing, design and technical Theatre.

Four Productions Each Year

Alma College Theatre produces four productions each in a wide variety of styles. Our three full-length productions range from modern plays to classic comedies. The fourth regular season production is our One-Act Play Festival, which is put on by our Theatre Honorary Alpha Psi Omega. This festival is directed by upper level students and is completely student run.

We offer a full range of theatre classes for both majors and non-majors in acting, directing, design, technical Theatre, stage management and Theatre history. Many students also take advantage of independent study work directly associated with their focus within their major. This work is usually connected with our production and are usually focused on areas such as theatre management or audition techniques.

Get Involved

Alma College Theatre depends heavily on student involvement, and our students take great pride in maintaining high production values for each and every production. Over the course of each season, students are involved in acting, directing, and stage managing. There are also students who focus on designing scenery, lights, costumes, sound and props. They also work on the numerous crews required to bring each show together.

Our academic and production programs serve as excellent preparation for advanced training and study at the graduate level for careers in all areas of theatre.

Working closely with the faculty, you will experience a wide variety of theatrical styles ranging from the classics through the contemporary Theatre.

Students interested in theatre find many hand on opportunities to practice their art and craft:
  • First year students have the opportunity to be cast in major roles.
  • Directing students have the opportunity to direct One Act play as a part of our One Act Play Festival and advanced directing students have the opportunity to direct full length productions.
  • Design students have access to excellent lighting, scenery, costume, sound and shop facilities. They also have the opportunity to design scenery, lights, costumes or sound for major productions.
  • Technical Theatre students make extensive use of the facilities offered by the Heritage Center, serving as stage managers, master electricians, properties masters and in many other major positions.