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Post Graduate Term In Creative Writing

Writers who have completed an MFA or Ph.D. at any accredited college or university may apply for a postgraduate semester in the Alma College MFA program to further their study in creative writing.

The term, like the MFA format, provides for one-on-one work with a faculty mentor. The writer works with their mentor to develop a study plan for the term that includes deadlines, feedback expectations, and points of contact such as a mid-semester check-in and written evaluations. The term is designed to be genre flexible. Writers may choose to work in the genre in which they earned their degree (fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry), or they may use the time to try a genre they have not written in before. They may also work in a genre not offered in their degree program, but in which an Alma faculty mentor has expertise such as playwriting or screenwriting. Postgraduate students receive their first choice of mentor, so if a writer wants to study one of these specialties they should choose accordingly.

Writers may work to complete a current manuscript or use the term to jumpstart a new project. They are free to develop their own study plans and goals, which need not be tied to the MFA’s programming and requirements. For example, writers are not required to write critical papers, though a faculty mentor may suggest craft books if they determine it may benefit the writer’s project.

Residency Attendance

Each postgraduate term must begin with attendance at an MFA residency. This requirement is waived for graduates of the Alma MFA, though most writers will agree that the residency experience is one of the highlights of studying writing at Alma.


The term is a 13-credit offering

  • 11 credits for the term
  • Two credits for the residency

Tuition and Fees

Term tuition (six months): $5,000
Optional residency, fees include room and board:

  • Local (Alma, MI): $1,352
  • International (Venice, Italy): $5,500 / per person – (Double room for Single use)
    $4,935 / per person – (Twin room for two people – sharing)
    *Fee does not include airfare.

Admissions Deadlines

  • Summer 2023: May 1, 2023
  • Winter 2024: November 1, 2023

To apply, students must complete Alma College’s Application for Non-Degree Enrollment Status and submit to the registrar.