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Fine Arts Performance Scholarships

Alma College students can receive art scholarships to assist them in making their education possible. Scholarship amounts are awarded at the following levels:

  • Base Scholarship – $1,500 per year. These scholarships are renewable for four years.
  • Distinguished Scholarship – $2,000+ per year. Students demonstrating exemplary performance may be eligible for a Distinguished award. All funds are awarded at the discretion of the fine arts faculty, and the student’s intended major or minor is not a consideration.

To apply for a fine arts scholarship, contact Jillian Dickson in the Art Department by May 1. After May 1, you are only eligible for the $1,500 scholarship.

Outstanding student performers who have already auditioned and been recommended for a performance award may be eligible for a Distinguished Performance Scholarship.

How To Apply

To apply for a scholarship, please send a single PDF to Jillian Dickson at dicksonjd@alma.edu that includes:

  1. Letter of intention describing your experience and interest in art and design, what you hope to do with an art and design degree, and if you intend to pursue a major or minor in art and design.
  2. 12 images of your best work, labeled (title, material, size, date finished).