Student Life

Gelston Hall

Students claim that the ghost of Mary Gelston haunts Gelston Hall, but they are continuously attracted to Gelston for its friendly atmosphere and convenience.

Gelston Hall is near the east side of campus and is connected to the Tyler-Van Dusen Campus Center. This is one of the many appeals of this residence hall, as students who live in this hall can get food at either Van Dusen or Joe’s Place without ever having to leave the building!

The rooms in Gelston are generally larger than the rooms in other halls. The east and north wings of the building have been fully renovated including new bathrooms and handicap-accessible entryways (renovated rooms reserved exclusively for upperclassmen), and plans are currently in place to finish the building renovation by completing the west wing.

Construction of Gelston was completed in 1956 and was named after Mary C. Gelston, the first dean of women at Alma College. Although Gelston was once reserved for women only, it is now a coed residence hall.