Student Life

Intramural Sports

Meet People. Have Fun. Reduce Stress!

Playing sports recreationally through Alma College’s intramural sports is a great way to do all of the above—for free! Intramural sports are open to all Alma students, faculty and staff, giving you the opportunity to exercise with all of your friends.

Alma students playing in a dodgeball intramural league during the winter semester at the Stone Ce...

Alma offers the following intramural sports: flag football, basketball and volleyball in the fall semester and dodgeball and softball in the winter semester.

Interested in participating in more than one intramural sport during the season? No problem. While play dates are subject to change throughout the season, game times are set to make sure there are no schedule conflicts.

To sign up for an intramural sport, visit the Stone Center for Recreation in person or on the web!