Student Life

Diversity Focused

  • Active Minds

    Active Minds is a student organization focused on educating students about mental health issues and resources available to help. It is a national student organization that is on more than 200 campuses. Alma participates in programs that promote resources for depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, suicide prevention and many other mental health issues that college students face. The group was in new in 2009 and is always welcoming new members. For more information, contact:

  • Alma College Democrats

    The Alma College Democrats are an active and passionate group of students who support the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates, as well as the ideals and issues important to the party. AC Dems is an open group that motivates students not only to vote, but to vote with a clear understanding of all the issues facing our country and the way candidates plan to address those issues.  Members also gain a deep understanding of the political campaigns, the electoral process, Get Out The Vote (GOTV) strategies, and leadership skills. Those interested can contact Faculty Advisor, Joanne Gilbert.

  • Alma College Republicans

    The Alma College Republicans want to make known and promote Republican principles on Campus. We work to aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government, learning political and leadership skills in preparation for future service to our party and community. If you are interested in getting involved, you can contact or join our Facebook group: “Alma College Republicans.”

  • Black Student Union

    Black Student Union’s (BSU) primary goal is to provide a safe, enriching space on campus for students of Black/African descent across the diaspora. In our meetings, we center Blackness and discuss, at length, both the world’s impact on our Blackness and ours on it. In the past, we’ve hosted events such as Stressless and group studying opportunities, Friendsgiving, A Haunted House, a series of Black History Month celebrations, Diversity Dialogues with the Diversity & Inclusion Department, and so much more!

    Feel free to email us with any inquiries at or our faculty advisor Dr. Donnesha Blake at

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  • Chinese Club

    The Alma College Chinese Club is a student-run organization established in 2009. Elected officials and enthusiastic Chinese students help organize extra-curricular activities and other cultural activities. The Club meets regularly and works very closely with the Chinese Program faculty.

  • French Club

    French Club plans campus events that promote French language and culture. Our events can include French foods, modern music, slideshows, cultural books, movies and much more. Anyone is welcome to join by simply attending meetings. French Club offers opportunities to see and learn more about the French culture and language. We meet every Thursday at 7 p.m. in SAC 106.

  • Gender & Sexuality Diversity

    Gender and Sexuality Diversity is a support group for individuals on campus who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer (LGBTQ) or who are supportive of those who are LGBTQ and of LGBTQ issues. Students participate in state-wide events such as the AIDS Walk in Lansing as well as hosting several other events such as the Drag Ball, Day of Silence, movie nights, National Aids Awareness Day, etc. To get involved, students need to attend the meetings, events or office hours. The office is open to the campus for individuals to hang out, do homework, play games, etc. For more information, contact advisor Anne Lambrecht.

  • German Club

    The purpose of German Club is to spread knowledge to those interested in German culture through fun events such as plays, films, Christmas events, Karneval and many others. We try to hold different events every year to show more aspects of German culture and to keep things interesting. All are welcome to join! The German teaching assistant attends every meeting and helps with all of the events. The TA is usually someone from a German-speaking country, so he or she is very helpful in the creativity and ideas for events. Contact advisor Dr Holly Liu or the club president for more information.

  • Hispanic Coalition (HisCo)

    We in the Hispanic Coalition (commonly known as HisCo) make it our mission to increase cultural awareness on campus and in our communities. Throughout the year we hold fundraisers and other drives in order to help the migrant workers in our area as well as other causes the group feels passionate about in addition to hosting events during Hispanic Heritage Month. We aim to break out of the Alma Bubble in order to learn more about the cultures that surround us. Visit us on FacebookEmail Hisco or contact advisor Stephany Slaughter  for more information.

  • Interfaith Council

    Our goal is to promote interfaith understanding on campus and in the community by hosting holidays of under-represented faiths on campus and educating students about world religions. 

  • International Club

    International Club is for students who are interested in gaining a broader perspective of other cultures’ customs, beliefs and traditions. Each month the group hosts World Kitchen Night where people from various cultures invite others and teach them how to prepare a dish from their culture. Participants get a hands-on approach on proper dining etiquette and gain insight into how other people from different cultures interact. Other events include presentations about foreign cultures, a Christmas party where students discuss their traditions, various museum visits, trips to various restaurants such as Japanese, Korean, Indian, Middle Eastern and many others. Students who are interested in joining can attend one of the weekly meetings, which are Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. in the Smith Room of the Library. The group is always welcoming to new members who wish to gain a broader perspective of the world. Any questions, visit our Facebook page  or contact our advisor: Dr. Chih-Ping Chen

  • MacCurdy House Women’s Resource Center

    The MacCurdy House is Alma College’s Women’s Resource Center. The house has a library collection of resources relevant to women’s resources, women’s studies, gender studies and equal rights. The MacCurdy House is an organization of individuals passionate about equal rights for all people and for the prevention of violence against others. The members of the house plan and host several events each semester promoting these ideas and supporting the Women’s Aid Shelter of Gratiot County. The most popular events are in the winter semester, with “The Vagina Monologues” and a host of Women’s Month events in March, including: Slutwalk, The Clothesline Project, Relay for Life, films, panel discussions, and prominent speakers. To live in the house in the fall, students must first apply in the winter and interview with the house advisor and a member of the Women’s Issues Advisory Board (WIAB).

  • Multi-Cultural Student Union

    Our goal is to increase awareness and promote diversity on Alma’s campus through interactive activities and discussions. Check out our Facebook page! For more information, contact Student Affairs.