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Orientation Schedule

ConvocationWelcome to Alma College! Here you will find all you need to know about orientation.


The purpose of Alma College Orientation is to:

  • Acclimate first year students to the campus culture
  • Create meaningful connections to other first year students
  • Instill institutional pride within first year students
  • Become familiar with campus resources
  • Help students adjust to the academic expectations of a collegiate atmosphere
  • Discover responsibilities of self-reliance in college
  • Explore the college and surrounding area

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of Orientation students will

  • Know about campus resources applicable to their first year experience
  • Develop meaningful connections with fellow first year students, upper-class students, and faculty/staff
  • Explain Alma College specific language
  • Locate their classroom building and residence hall
  • Name their academic advisor and their office location
  • Describe the different offices in the Student Services Office
  • State the Housing resources available to them to resolve any questions
  • Recall the Alma College Student Handbook as a resource about behavior expectations


Orientation Schedule 2019: Planning is under way! Please check back in July for a schedule! We cannot wait for you to get here! 

International Student Orientation Schedule 2019

First Year Class of 2018