Student Life

Spirituality & Service

Spirituality, religious identity, and spiritual exploration are a crucial part of any liberal arts education. Here at Alma College, we value who you are and what you believe.

While Alma College is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA), our religious diversity is evident in the variety of religious expressions found on campus. The Alma College Chapel seeks to be a center for all students, staff and faculty in the practice of their faith in a safe, encouraging, and uplifting environment.

Alma College Chapel programming offers many opportunities to develop your faith, as well as learn about the faith of your neighbors. Our regular activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Multi-denominational, interactive, creative Christian worship services every Sunday night at 7 p.m. Music, art, scripture, and prayer are mingled together with contemporary and traditional music led by students, staff, and faculty. Chaplain Andrew Pomerville in Hamilton Commons.
  • Interfaith Connections - every Thursday from 11:15-11:45 a.m. we host a campus gathering led by incredible speakers, religious leaders, and professors from across disciplines and faith perspectives.
  • Weekly Bible Studies and Christian Small Groups like Catholic Student Organization, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Tea Time with God (women’s small group), New Life, Football Chapel Service, and more. There are multiple bible studies run throughout the year for specific student groups.
  • Small Groups like Catholic Student Organization, Scripture for the Week with Chaplain Pomerville and Sister Mary Andrea, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Tea Time with God (women’s small group), New Life, Football Chapel Service, and more. Lots of small groups based on teams, houses, and groups.
  • Interfaith Chapel House - organized and managed by the chapel, this south campus small housing unit has 7 students involved in chapel programs living together, hosting events, and providing support to the various spiritual groups on campus.
  • Hillel - our Jewish Student Group on campus that meets for Shabbat services/meals, hosts events on campus, and offers support to both Jewish and non-Jewish students to learn about Judaism.
  • Muslim Student Association - meets to share information and support about Islam for Muslim and non-Muslim students, faculty and staff on campus.
  • Chapel on the Road - Chaplain Pomerville attends practices, games, events, and performances all across campus and provides enthusiastic support for all our student groups and activities by being available for leadership training, faith education, community engagement, and help with service. Our Chaplain is ubiquitous on campus and gives a non-anxious approach to religious exploration by facilitating spiritual growth, regardless of one’s faith.