Student Life

Alcohol Screening & Intervention

BASICS is an alcohol assessment and education program offered free to all Alma College students who want to explore their alcohol use.

BASICS (an acronym for Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) is designed to assist students in examining their own drinking behavior in a judgment-free environment. The goals are selected by the student and aimed at reducing risky behaviors and harmful consequences of drinking.

Some students attend BASICS to fulfill a requirement as a result of an alcohol-related offense, while others participate because they would like to learn moderation strategies to reduce negative consequences from drinking. 

All students attending BASICS should complete e-CHUG prior to their BASICS appointment and submit verification via the “verify completion of your e-CHECKUP TO GO” link on page 10 on the e-CHUG website.

What is e-CHUG?

The Alcohol e-CheckUpToGo is an interactive web survey that allows you to enter information about your drinking patterns and receive immediate personalized feedback about your use of alcohol and how it compares to other Alma College students. The assessment takes about 6-7 minutes to complete.

When you access the Alcohol e-CheckUpToGo, you are prompted to enter information about yourself. In addition to demographic information, it will ask you to enter information about your drinking habits, family history, and to complete the World Health Organization’s AUDIT.

After all information has been entered, you submit the form. The information you entered is then validated and processed. The Alcohol e-CheckUpToGo calculates a number of variables and compares your responses to national and local college norms. Then, your personalized feedback is displayed in an easy-to-read format.

Who are the BASICS facilitators?

BASICS facilitators include Alma College Counseling Center professional staff and interns.

What should I expect from a BASICS appointment?

During your first BASICS session you will complete an alcohol assessment and action plan.  You may be required to complete a second 90-minute BASICS counseling session with a CWC staff member approximately 2 weeks after your initial BASICS appointment.

If you are required to complete BASICS due to a college violation, it is important that you schedule your BASICS appointment in a timely manner. You will receive a deadline for completing both BASICS and e-Chug from your referral source.

Is BASICS Confidential?

All information within the BASICS session is kept confidential between the student and the facilitator. However, if the student indicates that s/he may harm him/herself or others, information may be disclosed as appropriate.

If a student is required to complete BASICS, he/she will sign a Release of Information form to allow BASICS staff to verify completion. The only information shared with Student Life or any other referral source is whether the student completed the program by the assigned date.

How can I make a BASICS appointment?

Appointments can be made by calling the Counseling Center at ext. 7225 or visiting the center in person. The Counseling Center is located at the North end of the Wilcox Medical Center (entrance facing the football field), and open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a break between 12 and 1 for lunch.