Missing Persons Policy

Alma College Security investigates all reports of missing persons from our campus. Additionally, Alma College Security believes that every person reported missing will be considered at risk until significant information to the contrary is confirmed. It should be noted that there is no required waiting period for reporting a missing person. A person may be declared “missing” when his or her whereabouts are unknown and unexplainable for a period of time that is regarded by knowledgeable persons as highly
unusual or suspicious in consideration of the subject’s behavior patterns, plans, or routines.

Missing Person Policy:
The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures to be followed if a missing person complaint is  made to Alma College Security. If a complaint is made to Alma College Security, they will follow the steps listed below:

  • Person receiving the complaint will immediately dispatch an Alma College Security officer to the location of the complaint.
  • The responding officer will gather all essential information about the person (description, clothes last worn, where subject might be, who they might be with, vehicle description, etc.) An up-to-date photograph may also be obtained to aid in the search.
  • The responding officer will also gather information about the physical and mental well-being of the individual.
  • Appropriate campus staff will be notified to aid in the search for the individual.
  • A quick but thorough search will be conducted in all campus buildings, grounds, and parking lots.
  • Class schedules will be obtained and a search of appropriate classrooms will be conducted.
  • The Vice President for Student Affairs will be promptly notified and is responsible for communicating with the family or relatives of the missing person within 24 hours.

If the above actions are unsuccessful in locating the person or it is apparent from the beginning that the person is actually missing, (e.g., call from parents or guardians) the investigation will be turned over to the appropriate local law enforcement agency. This will take place as soon as practical but never later than 24 hours from the initial report. The local police then become the authority in charge and Alma College Security and the Student Affairs Office will assist them in any way necessary.

The individual listed as the student’s emergency contact will be contacted by Alma College Security (or another office or the police department) within 24 hours in the event the student is reported missing. This individual will also be updated as to the progress of the investigation.