Security Protocols for Alcohol-Related Events

This policy is to help understand what is expected of campus safety and security officers in reference to conducting party patrols, to outline compliance with city ordinances, college policies, shutting parties down, and unregistered parties.

At this time, only fraternities and the Kappa Iota Sorority (817 Superior St) may host alcohol-related events.

Responsibilities of the Fraternities/Sorority:
Five sober members of the house will act as security for the party. They will be identifiable by wearing bright colored shirts (yellow). They will escort Campus Safety and Security through house during party patrol.

These members of the house acting as security will sign in all incoming occupants and maintain the sign-up sheet/list of names and birthdates for legibility reasons. They will check and verify ID and birthdates upon entry of every incoming occupant. They will issue appropriate wristbands by age. Minors will be issued red wristbands and will be marked with a permanent Black Marker (X’s) on both forehands for proper identification of minors.

The fraternities/sorority will provide food and non-alcoholic beverages and a smoking area outside of the hosting house.

The fraternities/sorority must acquire STT Security for all registered parties. Only the STT Security Site Supervisor may sign off on the documentation for approval of the party. The security site supervisor will sign the sheet below the section (Liabilities). Everything above the liability section must be completed by the fraternity who wishes to hire STT Security prior to the site supervisor’s approval. Any documentation that is not completed will be denied by the security site supervisor and the party will not be approved.

Responsibilities of Student Life:

  1. Approves registered parties (only the Director of Campus Life can do this)
  2. Provides wristbands (red for those under 21, varying colors for those 21 and older)
  3. Provides signup sheets for students entering parties
  4. Advises Campus Safety and Security of registered parties and dates

Responsibilities of Campus Safety and Security:
The officer will arrive at 2200 (10 p.m.) to the fraternity/sorority house. STT Security will designate a member of the house security as a direct contact person to assist with issues. No member of STT Security will check identification of anyone upon entry to the house party. This is the responsibility of the house security.

The STT Officer will:

  1. Observe that the house security is verifying identification and issuing the proper wrist bands. (Minors must wear red wristbands.)
  2. Observe the number of people within the house is at a safe capacity (60 people)
  3. Assist house security if a situation arises (over intoxication, passing out, fights, fire and etc.)
  4. Assist house security if needed to keep alcoholic beverages inside the house
  5. Observe the sides of the house to make sure that there is no one sneaking in through side entrances or climbing through windows. Everyone must check in prior to entering the house party.
  6. Assess incoming occupants if they are too intoxicated to inform the house security to not let them into the party.
  7. Assist when the house security is not present to keep all individuals outside of the house until the house security returns to properly check in all individuals.

No officer will patrol the house alone. There will always be two officers who will patrol the house. The officer assigned to the house will leave the post for no more than 5 minutes to conduct an interior check with another patrol officer.

Interior Checks will include:

  • Checking for ID bands/verify age as needed
  • Walking through every room/basement except for personal bedrooms
  • Watching for underage drinking, incorrect wrist bands, drinking games, alcohol poisoning, intoxicated, disorderly and or violent students or guests

The STT Security Officer will be dismissed at 0130 (1:30 a.m.) from the fraternity/sorority house.

Other Rules & Regulations:
All parties will comply with Alma City Noise Ordinance. This is a 24-hour/365-day noise ordinance. The noise should not exceed 50 ft from the location. (That is, if noise can be heard up to the curb of the street, the volume will need to be turned down to comply with the Alma City Noise Ordinance.)

Safety escorts:
Will be provided if someone is observed intoxicated and needs assistance back to his or her residence.

  • Male – an officer will escort the male back to his residence.
  • Female – two officers whether it be two STT or 1 STT and a member of the House Security will escort the female back to her residence for safety purposes.

Alcohol and other Drugs Compliance:

  • All occupants who are of age will consume alcoholic beverages within the residence/ not outside.
  • Minors will not be permitted to have alcoholic beverages.
  • Failure to comply with the above will result in shutting down the party.
  • If any use of drugs, loitering, fights, fires or other mischief occurs during a registered party, the party the party will be shut down.
  • Security officers will include the exterior surrounding of the house for compliance.

Unregistered Parties:
In an event of an unregistered house party, Campus Safety and Security will shut down the party and file a report in reference to the unregistered party with the first occurrence within a 24-hour time frame. The responding officers will notify the Administrator on Duty (AOD) of the situation if there is a second occurrence.

Campus Safety and Security has the right to shut down a party for the following reasons or if the party host is not following protocol. The Alma Police Department may be called for backup if needed.

  • More than 20 non-members
  • Alcohol
  • Non-Compliance
  • Unregistered Parties
  • Minor in Possession
  • Fights

Student Responsibilities:
Possess valid ID with birthdate at registered parties. Drink and act responsibly.

Last updated 1/19/2018